MFM48 Supercharge Sea Master Gold Marine Battery

MFM48 Supercharge Sea Master Gold Marine Battery


SuperCharge SeaMaster Gold Marine MF SuperCharge SeaMaster Gold MFM48 Marine MF



SuperCharge SeaMaster Gold Marine Battery MFM48 Marine MF. Powered with EXG Technology, the SeaMaster Gold boasts superior cranking & reserve capacity and fully sealed maintenance-free convenience. The SeaMaster Gold gives boating enthusiasts the power to meet the demands of their marine applications and the heavy pounding of the rough seas. The SeaMaster Gold is offered at market-leading warranty coverage – as much as 24 Months Warranty*

Model No MFM48
Description SuperCharge SeaMaster Gold MFM48 Marine MF
Weight(kg) 15.66
Brand SuperCharge – CLASS 8

Battery Specifications:

Nominal Voltage: 12
MCA @ (0°C): 720
CCA @ (-18°C): 575
RC @ (25°C): 105
AH: 60
Length: 233
Width: 173
Height: 182
TH: 182
Wet Weight: 14.3
Assembly: D
Post Type: DFA
Other Features: CV, EL, FL, FDH, HE
Warranty: 24
Battery Type: Maintenance Free
T11: T11
T12: T12
T6A: T6A
T6: T6
T2: T2
T1: T1
FDH: Fold Down Handles
DFA: Dual Fit Aligned Terminals
DFP: Dual Fit Parallel Terminals
DST: Dual System Terminals
FL: Front Ledge
OLT: Offset Lug Terminal
STD: Standard Terminal
ST: Side Terminal
TS: Top Stud Terminal
TM: Twin Marine Terminal
RTH: Retractable Handles
RT: Recessed Terminal
PT: Pencil Terminal
HE: Hydrometer Eye
EL: End Ledge
CV: Central Venting
CT: Centered Terminals


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