MFD23EFR Supercharge EFB Stop/Start Battery

MFD23EFR Supercharge EFB Stop/Start Battery


SuperCharge Start-Stop EFB MFD23EFR Automotive Battery. Superior starting power and reserve capacity for high performance vehicles. Offers widest range of batteries for Japanese, American & European makes and models.


The SuperCharge EFB Stop/Start Battery MFD23EFR continues to lead in performance and quality. The Gold is powered by Expanded Calcium Grid Technology (EXG) delivering more power and longer useful life compared to a conventional battery. With superior technology, the Gold boasts exceptional cranking & reserve capacity, proven product reliability, and one of the longest warranty coverage in the market today – as much as 24 Months Warranty*

Model No MFD23EFR
Description SuperCharge MFD23EFR Start-Stop EFB Car Battery
Weight(kg) 18
Brand SuperCharge – CLASS 8

Battery Specifications:

Nominal Voltage: 12
CCA @(-18°C): 650
RC @ (25°C): 110
AH: 65
Length: 232
Width: 173
Height: 205
TH: 225
Wet Weight: 18.0
Assembly: D
Post Type: STD
Other Features: CV, FDH, HE
Warranty: 24
Battery Type: Maintenance Free

T11: T11
T12: T12
T6A: T6A
T6: T6
T2: T2
T1: T1
FDH: Fold Down Handles
DFA: Dual Fit Aligned Terminals
DFP: Dual Fit Parallel Terminals
DST: Dual System Terminals
FL: Front Ledge
OLT: Offset Lug Terminal
STD: Standard Terminal
ST: Side Terminal
TS: Top Stud Terminal
TM: Twin Marine Terminal
RTH: Retractable Handles
RT: Recessed Terminal
PT: Pencil Terminal
HE: Hydrometer Eye
EL: End Ledge
CV: Central Venting
CT: Centered Terminals

Vehicle Type: 



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