CBC12V10AH Fusion AGM Battery

CBC12V10AH Fusion AGM Battery


Cyclic – Deep Cycle – Starting – Stand By – Marine – Back up Power



 • High Performance Genuine Fusion AGM Battery CBC12V10AH
– Completely sealed and Non-spillable DryCell. Can be used on any angle or even upside down.

 • Longer Service Life – Up to 30% more cycle life than other leading brands.

 • State-Of-The-Art Thermal Management System – Keeps battery cool during charging & general use making it better suited to hotter climates (like Australia’s top end) and under bonnet use. Also extends battery life

 • Extreme Vibration Resistant

• Special Cycle Alloy (CBC Series) – Extends the life of the battery, reduces self discharging and improves true deep discharge performance

 • Absorbed Glass Matt Separators (AGM)

 • Extra Thick Plates – For increased capacity

 • Superior Design & Quality – Manufactured to Quality Assurance Standard ISO 9001 are CE Certified

 • Manufactured to comply with AS 4029.2-2000

 • Extended 3 Years Warranty – When used as back-up power supply for Fire Pumps and other appropriate Fire Systems

 • CBC Series Rated for Under Bonnet Use – Can also be used as a vehicle Starting battery or Dual Purpose Starting/Deep   Cycle/Marine battery. Warranty covers under bonnet use

 • Flame Retardant ABS Plastic – Making it the safest available in Australia

• When Failure is not an Option – Use only Fusion AGM Batteries

Part No : CBC12V10AH
Volts : 12
Reserve Capacity :


Length : 151mm
Width : 65mm
Height : 111mm
Terminal Height : 116mm
Weight : 3.3KG
AH (20hr) : 10
Regular Charge : 1
Max Charge : 2.79
Plate Type : Cycle Alloy
Separator Type : Absorbed Glass Mat
Usage : Deep-Cycle Stand By Starting Marine
Terminal Type
Terminal Assembly


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