SW Batteries offers a variety of battery services, which is something that we pride ourselves in. Our goal is to be your one-stop for all battery services and needs.

One thing we offer is battery installation. Our staff are battery experts and know how to properly fit a battery. Keep in mind that we carry a wide selection of batteries, and the chances are high that the battery you need is in stock.

Our customers are happy that we offer mobile battery installation, which proves helpful in different situations. One example is the fact that some of the vehicles that need battery installation are sometimes inconvenient to move, like a motorised lawn mower. There is no telling if our customers will be able to bring this vehicle to our location. The same can be said about other bulky vehicles like tractors or jet skis. The point is that we do not want to burden our customers with additional tasks.

Another thing that we want to prevent is a dead battery situation that could put our customers in undesirable situations. You should never feel like you have no one to turn to because SW Batteries is here to help.

An additional and quite popular battery service that you should know about is our delivery and pick up service. We know that many of our customers are busy, and we do not want something as small as a vehicle battery issue to stop you in your tracks. This is one reason why we offer these services. It should be noted that some batteries are quite heavy. We know that this could be inconvenient for some, which is just another reason why some of our clients take advantage of this service.

Battery applications are not just for recreational vehicles though that is important, too; some battery applications are used by our clients for work. This means that the batteries we offer also provide a livelihood for some of our clients. This is one reason why SW Batteries offers free in-house battery testing.

The testing is provided because we know that, no matter how much you take care of a battery, something could still go wrong. We know that the seal of some wet-cell batteries can break. This happens because it was put under severe pressure, or there might be a lot of friction that leads to seal breakage. At this point, the cell could start leaking. We know that a leakage could lead to corrosion and battery drainage. This usually means the battery is on its last legs or that it will not charge properly.

Our in-house battery testing is done to make sure that issues like the one just mentioned do not affect your battery. Our staff are trained to understand more than just the inner-workings of the battery, as they are adept at interpreting issues occurring outside as well. For example, corrosion could be linked to a moisture leak somewhere in the battery’s case.

Of course, these are just some of the services that we offer; there are many others. We just want you to know that SW Batteries, a family-owned business, is happy to help and ready to answer your questions.

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