Lawnmower batteries are important for workers in the industry or people who need to take care of their lawns. There is no doubt that lawnmower batteries are usually made with durable materials, but that does not mean these devices can withstand excess pressure or blunt hits.

Keep in mind that lawn mower batteries are relatively small, so they can get damaged. One issue that we have seen a few times is a cracked battery case. Gas leaks out and creates white corrosion powder on the battery’s terminal. This leads to battery drainage among other issues.

You can be certain that our lawn mower batteries are durable, and some have a warranty that is valid up to 40 month, just for your peace of mind.

SW Batteries also offers the following services to clients:

  • In store & mobile fitting services
  • Delivery
  • Pick up
  • Free battery testing when you bring your battery in

Our product selection is extensive, and you can ask us about our various batteries or accessories that may help ensure the life of your battery lasts as long as it should, which is one of our goals at SW Batteries.

Online sales coming soon please call our retail store for product details.