GEL batteries are some of the most effective VRLA batteries on the market. Its jellified electrolyte core offers many benefits, especially for certain applications. For example, children’s motorised toys, boats, off-road vehicles, motorbikes, and even wheelchairs can use these types of batteries.

The reason that GEL batteries are more desirable than others is because they do not need to be upright like regular wet-cell lead-acid batteries. This gives the manufacturer the opportunity to place these batteries in awkward positions without worrying about performance issues.

These types of batteries also resist shock and vibration a lot better than regular batteries.

We know just how effective a GEL battery can be, which is why SW Batteries offers all varieties. Our brand range is impressive, and our prices are reasonable.

Remember that most of our products come with a warranty that could be valid up to 40 months. You should also know that we offer some of the following services:

  • In house fitting services
  • Mobile fitting service for your convenience
  • Delivery
  • Pick up
  • Free battery testing if you bring in your battery
Online sales coming soon please call our retail store for product details.