A car battery does not work alone. It is part of a larger system, which is why battery accessories like the ones we offer come in handy. Our team will help you find the best accessory to get the job done.

One accessory often needed are battery terminals, which are exposed to the elements. Do not worry because we carry several battery terminals that will fulfil your specific needs.

We offer terminals like the following:

  • Pencil Post
  • End Entry
  • Stud
  • Saddleback
  • Truck End Entry
  • Truck Wing Nut
  • Marine

Of course, terminals are just a sample of the battery accessories we carry. SW Batteries also offers battery chargers like Projecta, Battery Fighter, Matson, and Shumacher just to name a few.

Our battery brackets come in all varieties that include small plastic brackets, large plastic brackets, large metal brackets, and adjustable.

We also have a good selection of quality battery boxes, which come in all sizes. Some of them are powered, as well. Of course, we also carry jumper leads like the Projecta 12/24volt 600amp or the Projecta 12/24volt 750amp and both are surge protected. We do have other types, but that depends on the vehicle.

We also have the following:

  • Isolator Switches
  • Jump Starters
  • Battery Trays
  • Post and Terminal Cleaners
  • Hydrometers
  • Terminal Covers
  • Multimeters
  • Joiner Cables
  • Earth Lead
Online sales coming soon please call our retail store for product details.